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5 days Pottery Workshop

Embark on an immersive 5-day Pottery Workshop that promises an unforgettable journey into the world

  • 2 hr
  • 130 U.S. dollars
  • Tamegroute Green Pottery

Service Description

Begin your pottery adventure in the captivating village of Tamegroute, where the first two days will be spent in the welcoming family house of the ingenious artisan, Abdul. Let's explore the highlights of each day: Day 1: - Visit a local factory, where you'll gather the essential resources for creating the initial clay paste and the firewood that fuels the pottery oven. - Distinguish between clay suitable for crafting small items and clay more suitable for larger pieces. - Engage in the meticulous preparation and filtering of the clay, ensuring its quality. - Venture into the depths of the underground Kasbah, an enchanting journey into the heritage of Sub Saharan African families. - Immerse yourself in a library brimming with ancient manuscripts, showcasing diverse Moroccan ethnic groups' knowledge on subjects like mathematics, poetry, astronomy, science, and Koranic scriptures. Day 2: - Dedicate four hours each day to hands-on pottery work, starting on this day. - Use your feet to ensure the clay is free from any wood or stone particles. - Skillfully roll the clay by hand into small piles. - Receive an initial demonstration from Abdul, unveiling the secrets of the pottery wheel. - Begin utilizing the pottery wheel, employing your hands and feet to shape the clay into desired forms. - Engage in several guided trials under Abdul's watchful eye, honing your pottery wheel technique and perfecting your creations. - Leave your pieces to dry overnight, eagerly anticipating the next steps. Day 3: - Meticulously refine any objects that may require adjustments using metal tools, sponges, and water. - Allow the objects to dry for a week, ensuring their strength and durability. - Explore the intriguing world of glazing, experimenting with mixtures to infuse your creations with vibrant colors. - Witness the pottery oven where your objects will undergo the baking process, enhancing their final form. Day 4: - Engage in an enlightening workshop focused on pigments and glazes, unraveling the secrets behind these transformative elements. - Create your own unique pigment paste, adding a personalized touch to your pottery. - Seize the opportunity to assist in operating the oven and bake one of your cherished creations. - Participate in the captivating process of fueling the oven with wood, igniting a mesmerizing two-hour fire. Day 5: - Witness the anticipation build as the ovens are opened, unveiling the results of the baking process. Don't

Contact Details

  • ZAGORA TAMEGROUTE MAROC Sorties du tamegroute ver m hamid rue 9, 47602, Morocco

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