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Behold the magnificence of our Ancient Egyptian gold metal bracelet, a true masterpiece of detailed craftsmanship. This extraordinary piece weaves together a symphony of sacred symbols, each carrying profound significance from ancient Egyptian mythology.


In the design, you will see that the falcon-headed Horus holds the ankh, a symbol representing eternal life and the union between men and women. The ankh's association with fertility and the Nile's abundant blessings makes it a key of life and a potent talisman for prosperity.


Galloping through the air, a majestic horse adorned with a crown and turquoise sun exudes royal power and heroism. Horses in Ancient Egypt symbolized not just strength and nobility but were integral to their warfare, enhancing the bracelet's depiction of valor and protection.


The scarab beetle, representing the sun god Khepri, embodies the cyclical nature of life and the eternal cycle of rebirth. This profound symbol of transformation adds an element of divine wisdom to the bracelet.


Adding to its significance, the bow and arrow portray the goddess Satet, associated with hunting, archery, war, and fertility. The bow symbolizes royal power, and its presence further amplifies the bracelet's protective and courageous aura.

Embracing this extraordinary piece, you will also find the egyptian cartouche, a symbol of good luck and protection from evil. Formerly worn exclusively by pharaohs, its inclusion in the bracelet enhances its significance as a guardian of its wearer.

Crafted with gold and turquoise, this bracelet not only exudes opulence but also holds spiritual energy. Gold, the metal of the gods, radiates divine power, while turquoise brings balance, protection, and spiritual expansion.


Immerse yourself in the mystical world of ancient Egypt as you adorn this remarkable bracelet, an exquisite tapestry of symbolism and spirituality. Let it grace your wrist as a talisman of eternal life, protection, and valor, embracing the timeless legacy of this extraordinary civilization.


Talisman Cuff

    • Metal Fineness : 18k Gold

    • Gram weight: 61.72

    • Origin: Saqqara, Egypt 

    • Purpose: Reproduction of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry & traditional techniques preserved by artisans

    • Design of  Piece:  Detailed Talisman Gold cuff

    • Symbols Depicted in Piece:  Horse, Bow & Arrow (Satet) Egyptian Goddess of War, Falcon (Horus), Ankh, Scarab (Khepri), Egyptian Cartouche (Shenu)

    • Material & Precious Stones: Gold, Turquoise

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