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Exquisite Indigenous Brass Jewelry Box from Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka with our Exquisite Indigenous Brass Jewelry Box. Handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations, this jewelry box is a true testament to the island's exquisite metalworking artistry.

Key Features:

Intricate Design:The top of the box boasts a captivating central motif of a peacock, a revered symbol in Sri Lankan culture representing beauty, grace, and immortality. The peacock is encircled by elaborate swirling patterns, symbolizing the harmonious flow of nature and life. These patterns are meticulously engraved, telling a story of ancient traditions and natural beauty.

Superior Craftsmanship:  Every aspect of this jewelry box is a work of art. The sides are delicately decorated with intricate floral and vine motifs, symbolizing growth, prosperity, and the interconnection of all living things. The elegantly designed clasp and hinge mechanisms are not only functional but also beautifully adorned, reflecting the attention to detail and dedication of Sri Lankan artisans. The box stands on small rounded feet, providing both stability and a touch of sophistication.

Cultural Heritage: Owning this jewelry box is like owning a piece of Sri Lankan history. The intricate patterns and designs reflect the island's rich cultural heritage, making it a perfect addition to any collection of unique and meaningful artifacts. The engravings are inspired by traditional Sri Lankan art forms, each symbol carrying its own significance and story.

Versatile Use: While ideal for storing your precious jewelry, this box can also be used to safeguard other treasured items. Its timeless design and durable construction ensure it will be a cherished piece for years to come. The interior is spacious and carefully lined to protect your valuables, combining functionality with elegance.

Authentic and Unique: Each jewelry box is hand-engraved, making every piece unique. The craftsmanship reflects the indigenous traditions of Sri Lanka, providing a genuine and authentic touch to your home decor or personal collection. No two boxes are exactly alike, as each one is a testament to the individual skill and creativity of the artisan.

- Length: 9 inches
- Width: 6 inches
- Height: 2 1/2 inches


Peacock Brass Jewelry Box

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