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3 day Pottery Workshop

  • 24 hours
  • 405 U.S. dollars
  • Green Pottery Tamegroute

Service Description

Join us for a transformative 3-day Pottery Workshop, where you'll immerse yourself in the art of pottery while enjoying comfortable accommodations. Throughout the workshop, you'll be treated to delicious breakfast and lunch each day, along with two evenings of dinner in our cozy in-house setting and one unforgettable night in the desert. The first two days will be spent in the enchanting village of Tamegroute, hosted by the talented artisan Abdul in his family house. Here's a glimpse of what each day holds: Day 1: - Visit the pottery factory to gather resources for creating the clay paste and firewood for the pottery oven. - Learn to differentiate between clay suitable for small items and clay ideal for larger pieces. - Prepare the clay and remove any impurities through filtering. - Explore the underground Kasbah, where you'll discover the rich heritage of families from Sub Saharan Africa. - Delve into the treasures of a library filled with ancient manuscripts on various subjects like mathematics, poetry, astronomy, science, and Koranic scriptures from different Moroccan ethnic groups. Day 2: - Begin your hands-on pottery work, dedicating four hours to the craft. - Eliminate any unwanted wood or stone from the clay by using your feet. - Shape the clay by hand, forming small piles. - Receive a demonstration from Abdul himself on how to utilize the pottery wheel. - Try your hand at using the pottery wheel, under Abdul's expert guidance, to create your desired shapes. - Engage in several supervised trials to perfect your pottery wheel technique and shape creation. - Leave your creations to dry overnight. Day 3: - Fine-tune any objects that may have imperfections using metal tools, sponges, and water. - Allow the objects to dry for a week, ensuring their durability. - Discover the art of glazing, as you explore the process of adding vibrant colors to your creations. - Visit the pottery oven where your objects will be fired. Please note that due to the nature of the workshop, you won't have the opportunity to see the final results of your creations during the 3-day experience. However, you'll have the chance to visit Abdul's studio, where you can admire and even purchase some of his remarkable creations. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn the art of pottery from a master artisan and experience the rich cultural heritage of Tamegroute. Book your spot in the 3-day Pottery Workshop today!

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Av. B. Juarez 86, Tecutlan, Teotitlán del Valle, Oax., Mexico

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