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Introducing our mesmerizing Ancient Egypt-inspired Scarab Earrings, meticulously designed to embody the symbolism of the scarab and lotus, with a touch of precious gold and coral.

These earrings pay homage to the scarab, a revered symbol of ancient Egyptian culture representing the cycle of life and rebirth. The scarab is intricately depicted in each piece, capturing the profound spiritual significance it held for the ancient Egyptians.

Adding to the allure, the lotus symbol adorns these earrings, representing purity and the eternal cycle of life. Its presence adds a touch of beauty and spiritual depth to these exquisite pieces.

Crafted with care, these earrings incorporate the regal essence of gold, symbolizing power and divinity. The presence of gold enhances the significance of the design, evoking the wealth and prestige of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Completing the symbolism is the coral, believed by the ancient Egyptians to possess divine protection against evil spirits in the afterworld. Coral was considered sacred, thought to contain a drop of divine blood. Its presence in these earrings adds a touch of mystique and spiritual fortitude.

Experience the captivating allure of Ancient Egypt with our Scarab Earrings. Let the symbolism of the scarab and lotus transport you to a world of rebirth and eternal beauty. With the regal touch of gold and the protective energy of coral, these earrings carry the essence of ancient wisdom and divine protection. Embrace the enchantment of the past and adorn yourself with these timeless treasures.

Khepri Coral | Earrings

  • •Design of Each Piece: scarab earrings 

    •Symbols Depicted in Each Piece: scarab (khepri) & lotus (sesen)

    •Significance and Symbolism of Precious Stones: gold & coral 

    Ancient Egyptians used coral pieces in tombs as protection against evil spirits in the afterworld, as it is believed to contain a drop of divine blood.

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