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Embrace the allure of ancient Egypt with our remarkable pectoral necklace, a testament to opulence and symbolism. Crafted as a brooch, this necklace features a captivating array of symbols meticulously designed to evoke the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture.

At the heart of the design, the solar barque, known as mandjet, represents the moon's nocturnal journey across the sky. It symbolizes the ethereal transition and mystical voyage through the celestial realms. This resonant symbolism reflects the belief that the pharaoh, as the earthly manifestation of the sun god, would embark on a similar boat upon death to traverse the underworld and journey to the afterlife.

Intricately depicted open and closed lotus flowers grace the necklace, carrying profound symbolism. The lotus flower, an ancient Egyptian symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth, encapsulates the cyclical nature of creation. Like the lotus flowers that close and sink underwater at night, only to rise again with the sun's first rays, it represents the eternal cycle of life and regeneration.

Sacred barques, vessels of spiritual significance, were revered in ancient Egypt. They served as conveyances for the deceased on their voyage to the afterlife, carried the sun god Ra across the sky, and transported various gods and royalty along the Nile River. The barque symbolizes the profound connection between life and the divine, the union of earthly and celestial realms.

The necklace incorporates precious stones that enhance its beauty and significance. Coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and gold beads adorn the piece, each with its own symbolism. Coral represents vitality and protection, while turquoise evokes balance and spiritual harmony. Lapis lazuli, with its deep blue hues, signifies cosmic wonder and introspection, while gold, the eternal metal of the gods, radiates divine power and opulence.

Indulge in the allure of ancient Egypt with this extraordinary pectoral necklace. Let its symbolism transport you to a world of enchantment, where the moon's journey and the lotus's rebirth intertwine with the eternal cycles of life. With every wear, embrace the sacred connections between the divine and the mortal, and adorn yourself with a piece that honors the timeless beauty and spiritual depth of Egyptian civilization.

Mandjet | Necklace

  • •Design of Each Piece: pectoral (brooch) necklace with gold beads

    •Symbols Depicted in Each Piece: solar barque (mandjet), open & closed lotus flowers, lunar pectoral, water droplets??

    •Significance and Symbolism of Precious Stones: coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, gold 


    The pectorals of ancient Egypt were a form of jewelry, often represented as a brooch. These were mostly worn by richer people and the pharaoh. 

    The pectoral symbolizes the nocturnal journey of the moon across the sky.

    In folklore, a boat of this kind is used by the sun god. Thus, as the pharaoh was a representation of the sun god on earth, the king would use a similar boat upon his death to travel through the underworld on their journey to the afterlife.


    In ancient Egypt, sacred boats called barques were believed to ferry the dead to the afterlife, the sun god Ra across the sky, and various other gods and royalty up and down the Nile River.


    The Crescent is an ancient Egyptian Symbol of the lunar power of the moon, Fertility, Motherhood, Rebirth, and the Birth cycle. The crescent moon symbol is known as the sun shining at night, the eye of Horus, and can be found with the god Khonsu.


    The Lotus Flower is an ancient Egyptian symbol of Purity, cleanliness, Enlightenment, Rebirth, and Regeneration. This ancient Egyptian symbol of the sun reflects the concepts of rebirth and creation such as the flowers closing and sinking underwater in the night and then raising again the sunshine.


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