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Introducing our stunning Gold Cuff Bracelet, adorned with embedded lapis lazuli details, transporting you to the realm of ancient Egyptian symbolism and royal grandeur.

This magnificent bracelet showcases the power and significance of the pharaohs, depicted in exquisite detail. The image of Geb, the god of the Earth and the underworld, wearing the double crown, captures the divine authority and connection to the heavens. The representation of Geb as a white-footed goose symbolizes his role in laying the egg that contained the sun, a story embodying creation and cosmic power.

The cuff design of this bracelet not only embodies wealth and opulence but also symbolizes the royalty and prestige associated with ancient Egyptian culture. Just as the pharaohs wore such bracelets as a mark of their elevated status, this piece serves as a modern-day testament to the timeless allure of regal magnificence.

The embedded lapis lazuli, a favored stone in ancient Egypt, adds an ethereal touch to this majestic piece. Lapis lazuli was believed to lead the soul into immortality and open the heart to love. Known as the royal stone, it was said to contain the essence of the gods themselves. With its metaphysical properties, lapis lazuli becomes a gateway to spiritual attainment, inviting you to embark on a journey of higher consciousness.

Indulge in the opulence of ancient Egypt with our Gold Cuff Bracelet, adorned with embedded lapis lazuli. Let the symbolism of pharaohs, crowns, and the goose guide you to embrace your own inner power and divine connection. Elevate your style and tap into the profound energies of lapis lazuli as you navigate the path towards spiritual enlightenment.


Geb Gold | Cuff

  • Deshret (red crown) - uraeus

    (rearing cobra) pharaohs of Lower Egypt

    and the desert Red Land;

    the deities Horus, Wadjet

    and Neith

    Cuff bracelets symbolized wealth & royalty.


    Lapis was a favoured stone in ancient Egypt, where it was believed to lead the soul into immortality and open the heart to love. The royal stone, it was said to contain the soul of the gods. A metaphysical stone par excellence, Lapis Lazuli is a key to spiritual attainment.


    Bracelet of Queen Ahhotep I

    This bracelet of Queen Ahhotep I is formed with two semicircles. Gold and lapis-lazuli were used to create its beautiful two-color decoration.

    The right semicircle depicts Geb, the god of earth, wearing the double crown and seated on the throne. His hands rest on a sign of protection that is on the shoulder and arm of king Ahmose I kneeling before him.

    Second Intermediate Period, 17th Dynasty, ca. 1560-1530 BC. From Dra’ Abu el-Naga’, West Thebes. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 4684

    This bracelet is made of rigid gold with lapis lazuli inlays. It consists of half cylinders bordered by a flat rim, while the scenes and hieroglyphs which adorn it, are cut in gold by a chisel. The representations in this ornamental piece recognize the king as the legitimate descendant of divine pharaohs. 

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