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Introducing our captivating collar necklace, a piece of exquisite beauty that embodies the radiant symbolism of ancient Egypt. Crafted with meticulous artistry, this necklace features an arrangement of circles, representing the illuminating power of the sun. Each circle signifies the sun's orbit, the passage of time, and the cycles of life and nature.


This remarkable necklace is adorned with precious carnelian stones, chosen for their fiery hue and deep significance in Egyptian mythology. In ancient texts, carnelian was associated with the blood-lust and rage of Egyptian deities, emphasizing its power and intensity. It was also closely linked to the sun god, Ra, and frequently used to represent the sun disk and the eye of Horus. The right side of Horus' eye, symbolizing the sun, held great importance in Egyptian culture.


With its vibrant carnelian stones and circular design, this necklace is a testament to the solar cult and the divine essence of the sun god. The combination of carnelian and gold creates a harmonious blend, reflecting the brilliance and eternal radiance associated with the sun. When you wear this necklace, you carry the essence of ancient Egypt's solar symbolism and the profound connection to the gods and the cycles of life.

Ra | Choker

  • •Design of Each Piece: collar necklace 

    •Symbols Depicted in Each Piece: circles

    •Significance and Symbolism of Precious Stones: gold & carnelian


    This coral necklace can represent the illumination of the sun god Ra.


    A simple circle was often used as a symbol for the sun in Egyptian religious art and texts. A circle with a dot in the center, also called a circle with bindu, was more closely aligned with the sun by representing its orbit around the earth and the passage of time, seasons and cycles.


    Referring to Ancient Egyptian texts, carnelian, because of its fiery colour, was often associated with the blood-lust and rage of Egyptian deities. Furthermore, carnelian was also closely connected to the sun god, Re. It was a stone used often in jewellery for sun disks and to represent the eye of Horus. In Egyptian mythology the right side of Horus’ eye represented the sun. It would seem that the importance of carnelian lays in its relation to the solar cult and the importance of its respective god.

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